Slim vs overweight

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

  • What is it that prevents you from making a significant change?
  • Why have you not achieved your potential to be the size you would like to be?
  • Don’t you deserve more happiness, more confidence and more self-esteem?
  • With clinical hypnotherapy, you can achieve impressive weight loss results – without dieting!*
  • Dieting, long-term does not work, and short-term is hard work. Calorie control is not the answer!

Emotional eating can, and does, sabotage any attempt at weight loss. If you want to change your body…you have to change your mind. How you think determines what you eat. Everything we do comes from a thought, unconscious or conscious. Most of our habits and behaviours, including eating habits, are formed in our subconscious mind. From an early age, you learn that if you cry, you get fed…..if you fall over or do well, you are rewarded maybe with a biscuit or treat. A reward! Food becomes a comfort, an eating pattern – which makes you feel better. In order to successfully lose weight and remain slim, you have to change your thought processes surrounding food.

Video: Hypnotherapy for weight lossHypnotherapy for weight lossVideo: Hypnotherapy for weight loss
Hypnotherapy for weight loss


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Life coaching testimonial

Removing the barriers that currently exist in your mind WILL allow you to achieve weight loss. Most people have emotional weight issues and if you separate the emotions from food, sometimes that’s all it takes.

Clinical Hypnosis will provide the missing ingredient that diets and invasive surgery cannot provide. Hypnosis will help you uncover the cause of your weight problem and change your relationship with food and eating.

It is a very effective approach to resolve anxiety and stress connected with eating habits, which many other methods, including many diets, do not address. It enables you to change the way you think and feel about food, drink and exercise.

Hypnosis makes weight management easy. Thousands of people have reached their ideal weight, without feeling deprived or miserable, through Hypnotherapy. More importantly, they have developed new healthy habits for eating, drinking and exercise, which ensure that the weight stays off.

In your initial session we will discuss the particular eating habits that you would like to change, why you feel that you overeat, and what you would like to replace this with in your life, for example, drinking more water, eating more fruit, salads and vegetables. Perhaps you would like to cut out chocolate and sweets? Perhaps you would like to exercise more? This will all then be incorporated into your personalised programme.

Diets have been around for 70 years and the population is more overweight than ever! Diabetes is now at record levels – why? What does that say about diets??

Change from the inside out…

  • Take control of your eating and weight.
  • Ensure you start listening to your body again.
  • Make better food choices.
  • Remove the guilt – no more yo-yo dieting.
  • Stop emotional/binge eating and drinking.

With the result being…

  • Feel good.
  • Look fantastic.
  • Wear the clothes you want.
  • Attract compliments and win admiring glances.
  • Live the healthy life you deserve.

Weight Loss through Clinical Hypnotherapy Works!

Only the desire for change and motivation required, I will supply the rest.

Live the life you deserve. Life changes and so can you!