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Hypnotherapy for Phobia

“Phobia” originates from the Greek word for “fear”. It is a strong continual fear of situations, activities, objects or persons. Phobias are linked to our subconscious mind and because they are irrational fears, they respond well to therapy and can be dealt with effectively. When a fear is out of one’s control or the fear interferes with everyday life, a diagnosis of one of the anxiety disorders can be considered. Phobias are a kind of anxiety disorder, used in a non-medical sense for aversions of all kinds.

A phobia is a learned behaviour, often learned from a bad experience or other people such as friends and family. It affects about one in 10 people in the UK. When a phobic stimulus is encountered, a strong anxiety reaction is triggered producing fear and often physical reactions. Most people have lived with their phobia for as long as they can remember and just accept it. No one is born with a phobia, they can develop over years becoming increasingly stronger or result from one particular incident, usually occurring when the person was a young child.

Lots of phobic people know their reactions are unreasonable, but can’t help it.

Daily lives and special events can be disrupted through the fear of the phobia. Sometimes, even the mere mention of what they fear may instigate the phobic reaction in certain individuals, and result in the same outcome as if the physical object of fear was present.

Social phobia is a also a very common condition, where sufferers experience anxiety and discomfort in social situations. This can include fear of being watched and judged by others, fearing a specific social situation or fearing all situations involving people.

There are no pills or potions to cure phobias, but in therapy I will enable you to cure your phobia once and for all, quickly and painlessly. Utilising relaxation techniques and tools, the underlying cause is dealt with, bypassing the conscious mind and accessing the unconscious mind which is hosting the phobic sensations and reactions.

Fantastic, fast results are achieved, often in just one appointment, allowing you to go on living a full life without fear or restriction, knowing that the Phobia will not return.

Enjoy a return to control. Enjoy the sensation of rational behaviour. Consign your irrational Phobia to the past.

ACT NOW, remove that restrictive Phobia, easily, quickly and permanently.