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Quit Vaping Today

Are you still using nicotine as a crutch?

Do you chain Vape?

When it comes to chain vaping, it helps to understand a few things. First, you want to know why you have the impulse to vape constantly. For some people, they chain vape because they are coming off cigarette products that had a high level of nicotine delivery. This becomes their way of meeting their nicotine dependency, albeit a new delivery method that has a different efficiency .Often, a higher level of nicotine is delivered.

In most vaper’s lives there are triggers. These triggers are places, time or actions that are closely associated with the habit. When presented with these scenarios, its not just the nicotine addiction that kicks in, It is also the ritual that rears its head and vies for attention.

Do you hate being a slave to Nicotine? Same addiction, different product.

Vaping is a toxic, addictive nicotine product and dangerous to your health.

There are no regulations on the sale or production of liquids.

Vaping – a doubled-edged behaviour: a reduced risk from Smoking, but a new addictive behaviour.

Is the risk of addiction similar to the one smokers risk with traditional cigarettes?

Rachael Lloyds – that was published by Telegraph – is clear. She took up vaping and thought it was a miracle solution… until she learnt that she was smoking the equivalent of 40-a-day. She had developed a new addiction to nicotine and realised that vaping could also be unhealthy.

Vaping encourages the same dependency as a Cigarette Smoking Habit

Are you are fed up with being ‘addicted’ and not in control? Are you are sick of that little voice casting dark thoughts in your mind every time you start vaping.

Have you bought in to the Vaping “unfair deal“ allowed it to take your health, time and money.

Are you still waiting for that day or time when it feels right to quit Vaping? Because we both know that day will never arrive, there never will be a right time to quit, you have to decide the right time is NOW!

If so, then let me help you stop, permanently, today

If you are truly ready for a healthy, happy Vaper free life. I will help you to overcome any old, limiting beliefs that you are holding onto in your subconscious mind about Vaping. I will help you reframe your mind with stronger, happier and healthier beliefs. Putting you back in control and living a calm, happy and Vapour -free life.

Vaping does not relax you, contrary to belief it is a myth.

Nicotine actually raises blood pressure and nicotine raises the feeling of anxiety and craving for the next “fix”

I will equip you with techniques which will genuinely increase your relaxation, calm your nerves and become nicotine free.

Break the Habit, Act Now
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