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Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

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Get help to stop smoking

Are you sick and tired of smoking?

  • Are you an otherwise well rounded, strong minded individual who can’t understand why they just can’t STOP?
  • Have you tried numerous times and methods to stop and yet found yourself smoking again?
  • Are you sick of your clothes, hair and breath smelling, and being ostracised, having to hide round corners and smoke in ‘smoke shelters’?
  • Are you are fed up with being ‘addicted’ and not in control?
  • Are you are sick of that little voice casting dark thoughts in your mind every time you light a cigarette?
  • Have you bought into cigarettes’ ‘unfair deal’ and allowed them to take your health, time and money?
  • If you are still waiting for that day or time when it feels right to quit, we both know that day will never arrive. There never will be a right time to quit, you have to decide the right time is….NOW!

Let me help you stop!

Do you ever make any of the following statements…..

  • I only enjoy smoking sometimes
  • I don’t enjoy smoking anymore
  • I feel like it’s my only real treat, my escape
  • It’s something I do in ‘my time’
  • It calms me down
  • It helps me relax
  • It helps me when I’m stressed
  • I hate it but I just can’t stop……?

If so, it’s time to get in touch.

I will equip you with techniques which will genuinely increase your relaxation, calm your nerves and enable you to become a non-smoker, nicotine free.

Contrary to popular belief, smoking does not relax you. It is a myth. Nicotine actually raises blood pressure and also raises the feelings of anxiety and craving for the next ‘fix’.

Giving up smoking does not have to be difficult, you simply decide smoking is no longer something you wish to do!

You will become a non-smoker. Smoking will no longer bother or interest you. You will not have to practise endless avoidance of smokers or smoking environments. You will not feel an endless craving and sense of loss. You will simply choose to be a happy, contented, non–smoker.

Sooner or later you WILL smoke your last cigarette …

STOP IT NOW, before it becomes the cigarette which has your name on it, the last cigarette that kills you!

Imagine… more daily battles with the GUILT of practising slow euthanasia, the GUILT that goes with that slow self-poisoning of your body. Imagine not having to consciously ignore the pictures of disease and dying on the packets of the cigarettes that YOU buy, or the knowledge that YOU poison yourself but convince yourself it will never happen to you! Imagine the relief of your loved ones when you finally stop your selfish smoking habit.

If you are truly ready for a healthy, happy, smoke-free life, I will help you to overcome any old, limiting beliefs that you are holding onto in your subconscious mind about smoking. I will help you reframe your mind with stronger, happier and healthier beliefs, putting you back in control and living a calm, happy and smoke-free life. No more fears of early heart attack, raised blood pressure, terminal illness and limb amputation.

Stopping Smoking does not have to mean excessive weight gain and/or substitution with other nicotine products, foods or sweets. You will simply be a non-smoker and the world of taste, smell and greater fitness will be yours.

If you are ready for change
If you are ready to choose life and break free