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I am an addiction specialist based in Lanzarote, with clients from the Canary Islands, Spain, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura

I am an International Integrative Addiction Specialist, using rapid alleviation techniques. I will ensure you achieve rapid change, allowing you to escape from your addictive behaviours. My work with addiction has shown truly miraculous results.

I am completely client-focused, enabling me to utilise any combination of biofeedback tools. These liberating intervention techniques include neuroscience/neurobiology change, energy intuition healing, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Stuart Downing Hypnotherapist
Stuart Downing
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What People are Saying

  • After my sessions with Stuart, what I can say is how it’s changed my life. For someone who has been suffering from anxiety for some time now, it was affecting my social life and relationships, having a constant fear of being in places or going out where I felt I didn’t have control. I would always drive so I could escape when I needed to. I would plan the route I was going before leaving the house, even days before going out; social anxiety was taking control. I suffer from MS and have 18 food intolerances, so I had so many other things I couldn’t control – this I needed back. I didn’t want to be taking pills for anxiety, so I searched online for a qualified hypnotherapist and came across Stuart.

    My first session was very relaxed. I did get upset and cried, but that’s normal I guess, let out a lot of emotions, how I had been feeling, and was then sat down and helped to relax. Stuart then did his work, spoke to me, I felt so deeply relaxed. I could hear him talking softly, and I drifted of with my own thoughts, he carried on talking. When I awoke I felt very alert, and a little nervous as I thought oh what if I think or talk to people about why I got hypnotised it would come back, well it didn’t. Every time I would be in a situation that would normally make me nervous, it was like the feeling of talking to somebody and forgetting what it was I was saying, and something else would pop into my head, like food shopping or a holiday. As the weeks went on I didn’t test myself and just carried on as normal, going out, no car, other people driving, social events and the next day I would think wow I did that..I cannot thank Stuart enough and I recommend all my friends and family who also suffer with some type of anxiety to see him…. He gave me my life back.

  • As a 20 year smoker, a session with Stuart gave me the additional tools and willpower to finally stop. I have to say that the work we did together has enabled me to adopt a significantly healthier lifestyle. I have recommended Stuart to several friends and have had nothing but positive feedback.

  • Having seen the success that Stuart Downing achieved with a friend in Lanzarote. I decided to book an appointment. One session later and I have been smoke-free for over 2 weeks with minimal cravings. I feel confident that this is for good. Thanks a million.

  • I had smoked cigarettes since my late teens. I did not think that I could ever give up smoking. I was conscious that I was missing out on activities with my friends. Precluded from going inside anywhere. So, whilst in Lanzarote I contacted Stuart Downing to arrange a consultation. I thought that I would give hypnotherapy a try. Much to my amazement it worked. For the first 3 days I had longings for a cigarette every now and then but would use Stuart’s technique to combat those feelings. All my friends are also suitably amazed that Stuart in their eyes has performed an absolute miracle and there is a queue forming to follow in my footsteps – for once! So after smoking for 47 years, I am now an ex-smoker. Have no aching muscles and I feel 5 years younger.

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